By Steven Asnicar

Nowhere to Go But Up

Inclusive Leadership Novel

Diversity without inclusion doesn’t work. Diversity without Inclusion doesn’t provide the same organisational value unless the two things are combined.  Organisations with inclusive cultures receive a multiplier effect driving financial targets and creating a sustainable high performing innovative and agile culture.

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Steven Asnicar 

Steven Asnicar is a highly acclaimed author, futurist, inclusive leadership specialist who has been awarded several national awards for Leadership and Engagement in Healthcare, Government, Utilities and Education.  Steven has written a range of powerful books which provide an insightful series of inspirational topics across Inclusive Leadership, Diversity, Inclusion, Gender Equity and Fairness and a new approach to business and leadership for future leaders. 

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Inclusion and diversity are fundamental to everyones culture and core values.

– DR Angelina Thomas

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March  24, 25,  2019

Future Women Executive Summit - Sydney

Join Helen McCabe, Dr Kerryn Phelps, Wendy McCarthy and more than 30 industry experts as they uncover the critical pathways to the top jobs, examine the role of female role models in empowering women, shine a light on the industries currently promoting opportunities for women, and develop a strategic roadmap for success.

August 10, 2019

Finding Respect - Book Release • Los Angeles, CA

This is the new release from the Executive Series on Inclusive Leadership driving Respect from all parts of an organisaiton.   

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Available Aug 16, 2019

Finding Respect Non-Fiction

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